Thursday, 15 March 2018

My reading group.

It was my reading group this morning.This month's book was Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant.There was an element of sadness today because one of our members died a couple of weeks ago.She was only 71.We are part of Flintshire U3A and our reading group was one of the first groups to be formed.We realised today that we have been going for 16 years!!!!Unbelievable.The first book we read was Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.Apart from the first couple of months the group has stayed the same.Three have now died.One aged 85 and another 91 both very sharp till the very end.I think it is amazing that for 16 years we have kept it going.Two replacements have fitted in very well and after all these years we still have great discussions.It is definitely a discussion group and not an excuse just for a natter!!! next month is Rough Music by Patrick Gale. MAy Under a Pole Star Stef Penny June The Wonder Emma Donohue July Bird Cage Walk Helen Dunmore August Whatever you Love Louise Doughty September Homeland Clare Francis Are you in a reading group and can you give me some good recommendations?The eight of us,now ,seven all choose a book for the next seven months.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How much do you pay at the dentists?

I have been to the dentists this afternoon.A check up and an X-ray cost me £50.69 US dollars,88 Australian dollars or 56 Euros.I need a cracked filling replacing in April and that will cost me £115,or 159 US dollars,204 Australian dollars or 160 Euros.There are no places in any NHS dentists so I have no choice.What I want to know is how people who are on low incomes manage these prices.Theresa May talks about " the just about managing" families or is it only the better off who can afford to go. At long last most of the snow has gone and it is a little milder but still a frost tonight. I am really enjoying doing some cross stitch at the moment and my watching TV knitting is a fox!Badger,hare ,rabbit and squirrel will follow!Why am I doing this.I have no idea.I just fancied something different.

Friday, 2 March 2018

The results of my health screening.

I got the results yesterday.They are shown as "green" everything is fine,"Amber" you need to keep an eye on this or"red" you really need to do something about this.Fortunately ,I got mainly "greens".I got an amber for my blood pressure but she only did it once and I regularly take my own at home and it is fine.Liver function( I do enjoy a glass of wine!) and kidney function and blood sugar we're green.Phew !!!Lung function ,thyroid and haematology were green also.Cholesterol was an amber at 6.3 but my big red one was "You are overweight".I was expecting this but seem stuck at the weight I am.Probably this is the reason for my breathlessness so I must do something about this.Exercise more but as it has been minus temperatures here for days and a covering of snow that will have to wait.So,on the whole I was pretty encouraged by the results of the screening and glad I had it done. another positive is that C went for his Rheumatoid Arthritis check up year day and was told he is in remission a.d they are slowly going to reduce his medication. The weather in the UK is dire at the moment.More snow than we have had for years.Our granddaughter has gone off to Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia and Thailand for seven weeks .She has gone with three friends and others are joining them en route.I am hoping this is the making of her because she has had some mental health problems over the last 15 months.Miraculously hers was one of a handful of flights that left Gatwick last night.She goes off to Uni in September.She is going to Manchester and so will only be an hour away from us( four at the moment) and our daughter is even closer.We are looking forward to seeing more of her. have a great weekend.Take care and keep warm.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Snow here in N Wales.

YEs.We have snow,not a lot at the moment but more to come.We have a well stocked freezer and fridge but are only a ten minute walk from our local market town centre.So if we can't get the cars out we can walk.I quite like being snowed in but only for a short time.I have had an indulgent afternoon reading and am now doing some cross stitch.Cross stitch you ask.She is a knitter and a crocheted but I dug out a cross stitch kit that I started last year.Would I be able to follow the chart?Would I be able to see the holes?In fact ,the biggest problem is threading the needle but I can buy a needle threader.I decided to treat myself to a simpler but effective kit.It is called Tribal Owl by Skyler Larson.It came as a chart and then I bought the threads so it worked out to be fairly cheap.Someone in a review said it only took them two weeks to do it.I think it may take me longer!! I am also knitting (yes,there always has to be some knitting) some socks for C.They are in Stylecraft Head over Heels .Colour Ingleborough.It is a wonderful striped pattern in green,purple and turquoise.Very striking.My OH likes jazzy socks. THe book I have just finished is The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse(recommended on blogger).A very interesting and quite disturbing read about anorexia.I have now started Train to Trieste by Dominica Radulescu.I reviewed her second book Black Sea Twilight for Newbooksmag and rally enjoyed it.Then ,I have to read Sacred Heart by Sarah Dunant for my reading group.The next session will be really difficult as one of our members has recently died aged only 71. Finally,have any of you seen the film The Greatest Showman ( I may have mentioned this before).It is a really good film mad our local film theatre are showing it as a singalong.What a great idea. TAke care in the snow and look after yourselves.Back soon.Barbarax

Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to lose some weight???

For years I have been the same weight(overweight but not obese)until we went on an all inclusive holiday last September.I put on 4lbs and cannot get rid of it.This is my day- breakfast.Two cups of tea. Lunch.Salad plus cold meat or fish. Tea/supper.Meat or fish plus small portion of potatoes and vegetables and a diet yoghurt. Evening .Two glasses of white wine. I try,weather permitting,to walk/ garden/ clean for half an hour .I can't manage more than that these days. I have stopped buying crisps and cheese so I am not tempted.I never eat cake. We do eat out a couple of times a week and I know I could cut out the wine. Any suggestions out there?I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

I have signed myself up for a private health screening.

every time my pulse is taken it is never below 80.I mentioned it to my GP whose reply was "we don't do anything until is over 100".I am permanently tired and often breathless,especially on slopes.My GP isn't going to do anything so I saw a letter at my daughter's inviting her for this screening but she is monitored by her GP(being a Type 1 diabetic.I feel quite positive about having this done.It is very comprehensive but my little niggle is that it will turn up things that I am better not knowing.It is an hours drive away and you get the results ten days later.One thing that I know they will tell me on the day is that I am overweight!!! What do you think ?Am I being silly or sensible?I would love to know your thoughts and whether you have had one done.

Monday, 29 January 2018

using up my stash

I am using up my stash making hats for either the homeless or refugees.I can make one in an evening and have made ten already.I am using wool left over from my crocheted blankets and using DK two strands.It makes a nice chunky hat. I still can't load photos!I get to the same point each time and a page of computer gogglygook comes up and I can get no further.Can any one tell me a quick way of posting photos on blogger from my android phone? On Saturday we went to see the film "the Greatest Showman" about Barnum the circus guy.It was really good and I can recommend it.This Friday we are going to see the film The Darkest Hour about Churchill.This afternoon we have had walk at Ness Gardens.The snowdrops looked amazing.It poured down all morning so it was nice to see blue skies this afternoon . Back soon.Hopefully with photos.